COVID-19 Information

Below is a list of resources. If you cannot find what you need, please reach out to Shelley at (404) 451-4463 or [email protected].

For School and Health Information:

If you are in need of help:

  • Dial 911 if it is life-threatening
  • If the stress is leading toward violence in your home, please call (800) 334-2836
  • If you are a child who needs help, please call (855) 422-4453
  • If you are in need of (or can donate) food, clothing or shelter contact Must Ministries at
  • If you are in need of food, check out or install the official FoodFinder app on your phone, using one of the buttons below.
Download the Foodfinder App on the iOS App StoreDownload the Foodfinder App on the Google Play Store

For economic relief:

For local information:

  • Cobb County Homepage ( or call (770) 590-5790) provides information about county facilities, closings, operating hours, shelter-in-place rules, and government points of contact.
  • Cobb County Schools Homepage ( provides information about schools (you can link to your school by adding “/(school name)”) as well as resources for student support to include meal distribution.
  • The East Cobb Patch ( provides information about local businesses, coupons, senior accommodations, job openings, and other local happenings in this environment.