In the Navy we were trained to make sure that nothing is overlooked because there are consequences when things are not done right. This is why my focus will be on:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Parents

I will make sure we:

  • Educate our students with an eye toward opportunities
  • Work with our local business community to develop a workforce that is ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that are growing in our community.
  • Are laser-focused on the classroom. Every decision we make must help to create the best environment for students to learn and teachers to teach. Teachers need to be aided by technology rather than encumbered by it. With effective use of technology, teachers have more time to be a part of a student’s life and can be the inspiration for their success and that can’t be replaced by a computer.
  • Support and empower our teachers and school leadership to fearlessly teach and inspire. Giving them the tools needed to do their job effectively and ensuring those tools are working as designed is essential to providing a successful education. Good plans are only useful if they are functioning properly. We all need to be working together.
  • Ensure our students are encouraged to make the right kind of choices in their lives to help them reach their own potential which means helping them avoid the pitfalls of life-changing decisions with drugs, alcohol, social media and relationships. This can only be done by creating a teamwork approach that includes parents, teachers and students. We need to solve problems at the local level whenever possible.

SPLOST – We need to use SPLOST dollars in a cohesive way though the county to build a strong network of schools so that regardless of zip code, every student has access to the best of Cobb County. Ed-SPOST has been an outstanding pay-as-you-go system that has helped keep Cobb Count property taxes low and our credit rating high (AAA). Now in its 24th year, we can do more to ensure we are moving the county forward together.

Senior Tax Exemption – I whole heartedly support the senior tax exemption that is in place.

Funding – Making sure our county is receiving the credit it deserves – One Team, One Goal, Student Success and also ensuring that funding is based on an equitable sharing of burdens. The amount of funding in our general population is getting a smaller and smaller portion of the budget. For this reason we need to refocus our energy and resources in the classroom. It is in the classroom that our children will be inspired. #fortheclassroom FY2020ApprovedBudgetPopularReport.pdf

In light of the challenges, we have faced, struggled with, and overcome due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the issues that I have stated from the beginning are even more relevant today. A laser-focused approach to education, ensuring we are putting the resources where they need to be to ensure the best learning environment for ALL Cobb County students is critical.  Funding will be an issue that we will have to be mindful of as we move from this economic crisis as well.  It is my hope that the Board of Commissioners will address education as a top priority with regard to federal funds that we have received ($130M) to help us recover.  This collaboration will be key to our growth as we define the future we want to see. Thanks to the great efforts of or Cobb School Foundation and donations from the community, we were able to reach students who were at risk of being left behind due to the lack of technology resources.  We need to keep learning from this time and tirelessly work to reach EVERY student and help them to reach their full potential.  The CTLS system when it is fully developed should allow parents as well as teachers to access content for teaching and assessing. At a time like this it could be  “one stop shopping” to give parents the confidence to know they are getting the curriculum their students need.  In good times, it allows us to work collaboratively to educate our students.  If we can create a workspace where we are all working together, we have a much greater opportunity to help our children reach their full potential. TeamOMalleyGA isn’t just a slogan, it is a way of looking at the world and solving problems.  Putting the right talent in the right places to achieve an objective, not caring who gets the credit, is where we truly succeed.