What Supporters Are Saying…

I highly recommend Shelley O’Malley for School Board Post 5. She has been a positive role model my entire life. I have looked up to her not only for her high standards and morality, but because she is a good listener and fair judge of character. As a teacher, I believe Shelley will be a strong leader for my fellow educators as well as our students. As her sister, I have seen Shelley’s character from the beginning and I know a woman of her character is perfect for the School Board. For these reasons, I feel especially proud that she wants to endeavor to take on this role. We need strong leadership and support from our school boards, and I am certain that Shelley has immense respect for the teachers in her county and cares deeply about education. Her amazing children are proof positive that education and strong values make a difference, and I know she will be the candidate that best supports Cobb County Schools.

Kristen Aragon

Teacher and Sister

"We are honored to support our friend, Shelley O’Malley, in her candidacy for the Cobb County School Board. She personifies the integrity, character, and service-minded qualities that are needed to lead administrators, teachers, students and their parents forward in the education arena. Her service as a Naval Aviator, PTA president, and on a personal note, honest and loyal friend, speaks for itself. Choose Shelley O’Malley - she will be your voice and advocate!"

Leigh and George Birdsong

Leigh - Tennis Coach, George - Physical Therapist

I have had the privilege of knowing Shelley O’Malley for the better part of 40 years, as we were classmates in high school. Throughout that time, she has proven herself to be a hard-working, well respected, high achieving leader. She is very dedicated to the various causes she pursues, whether that involves serving our country as a pilot in the US Navy, or directing the clerk of course at local swim meets for her children’s club team. Shelley is all about taking action, with an interest in making things better. Good enough was never good enough for Shelley. She is tenacious with any endeavor, but at the same time, takes care to build a consensus for achieving the best result for the organization. In this day and age, we can certainly use a little more consensus building. The Cobb County School Board would be greatly strengthened by Shelley’s involvement and I fully support her candidacy for this role.

Al Bosma

President and CEO, RTS Packaging, LLC

Shelley O'Malley will be the perfect addition to the Cobb County School Board of Education. Shelley is focused on how she can support student growth and success by being a positive team member. Her greatest attributes are that she is service and action-oriented by nature which will complement the already amazing Cobb County School District.

Dr. Carole Brink

2018 GA PTA Principal of the Year & Former School District Principal, Cobb County

After having known Shelley O'Malley for 15 years, I am confident she is the best person to represent Post 5 on the Cobb County School Board. Intelligent, compassionate and a natural leader, she will always put students, teachers and families first. Without a doubt her expertise will serve our community well. I hope all of you will join me in supporting Shelley O'Malley on June 9th and beyond!

Sue Crenshaw


I would like to enthusiastically recommend Shelley O'Malley for Cobb county school board post 5. I have the unique perspective of knowing Shelley for 45 years. I have watched her journey over 4 decades and seen her excel in every endeavor she takes on. Shelley is an brilliant scholar, athlete, pilot, wife and mother. She has raised three children in the Cobb County school district and is intimately familiar the daily routines and needs of students and teachers. Shelley is a thoughtful and efficient worker with the stamina and drive to accomplish anything she sets her mind to. She is passionate about improving the environment in Cobb County schools and will work tirelessly to that end. She has the life experience and versatility to adapt to many different situations and interact efficiently with all types of people. Shelley has a successful career at Delta Air Lines and does not need this position but truly the students and teachers of Cobb County need her. The county would benefit greatly from this dedicated, driven, task oriented leader being the Cobb county post 5 representative.

Tep Denmark

Delta Pilot, Former Coast Guard C-130 Pilot

I have known Shelley O’Malley for over 10 years as an educator of her children and a fellow member of our church. She impressed me as a highly-educated parent who knew how to navigate her role as parent, as well as, being able to work with her children’s teachers to accomplish common goals. Shelley has a positive attitude and willing spirit in everything she does. There is never a job too big or too difficult for her to accomplish. I know she will be an asset to Cobb County’s School Board because she always has students as her main focus. I recommend her with no reservations to be an effective member of Cobb County School Board and ask you to vote for her.

Kathy Esler

Rocky Mount Elementary Teacher, Retired

Shelley O’Malley’s decision to run for the Cobb County School Board filled me with hope and excitement for the future of Cobb County Schools. I wholeheartedly support her candidacy because I feel confident that Shelley will always make decisions that are in the best interest of Cobb County students and teachers. In the ten years that I have known Shelley, she has always demonstrated wisdom, honesty and integrity. Whether on the deck at a swim team, at church or at school, Shelley can be counted on to listen carefully to determine what help is needed and then step up to offer her assistance. As both a teacher and parent in Cobb County, I trust Shelley to make the best choices for the future of Cobb County Schools. I am proud to endorse her as the representative for School Board Post 5.

Jessica Gibson

Teacher and Parent, Cobb County School

I was so excited to hear that Shelley O'Malley was a candidate for Post 5, Cobb County Board of Education. You couldn't have found a better person for this position. I have known Shelley and her family for many years. She is honest, intelligent, focused, and conscientious. She has been active in our school system at all levels. She has fresh ideas that will challenge the norm. Shelley has established a record of working hard and achieving success. Mrs. O'Malley is a strong advocate for our children. I wholeheartedly support her. Elect her now! I trust Shelley O'Malley implicitly. Her integrity is above reproach.

Bonnie Goldsmith

Lt Colonel Army-Retired, Cobb County School System Employee Parapro and Administrative Assistant

I am so proud to endorse my friend Shelley O’Malley who is running for the Cobb County Board of Education Post 5. Shelley is an experienced leader who is driven by results while showing compassion for our students, teachers and parents. Through this COVID-19 crisis, her focus has been the safety and resources for our community, such as meal prep and food donations. Shelley is a dedicated leader who is efficient, dependable, approachable and a person of very high integrity. Shelley will ensure the needs of the students will always be met while using technology to its fullest potential in the classroom. You can always count on Shelley to get the job done and she’s a person you always want your team. I am thrilled to support Shelley and I trust that Shelley will make the best choices and decisions for our Cobb County Schools.

Kim Hamilton

Assistant Director of Practice Operations Internal Medicine and Family Practice

Shelley O'Malley is someone I will vote for without hesitation. She is one of the first people we met seven years ago when we moved to East Cobb. She has shown me over and over again in various situations she is willing to be there and help anyone. Shelley’s faith and integrity, and that of her family, are things I really respect. She is definitely a role model and I’m proud to support her!

Christie Handley

Mother and Community Volunteer

The school system needs Shelley O'Malley and people like her. She helps and inspires others. She is a leader who sees problems that need fixing not people that need fixing. She is a leader who will put the needs of the school system ahead of her own. Shelley O'Malley is that kind of leader. Her selfless efforts still resonate in our athletic community. She set such a high bar of service. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to get it done with Shelley!

Pike Hightower

Swimming Coach and Owner, Stingrays

It has been my privilege to serve with Shelley O’Malley in her role as an instructor pilot and as a member of a Congressional Military Academy Nomination selection panel. Shelley will be an outstanding servant of Cobb County students as a member of the school board due to her superb work ethic as demonstrated by her high level of preparation for events. Shelley spent hours reviewing the resumes of students hoping to earn a Congressional Academy Nomination. As a result of her preparation, she was able to ask relevant, insightful questions to determine the student’s motivation to serve as a military leader following graduation from a military academy. As an instructor pilot, Shelley anticipated the possible questions from pilot trainees and had the answers and associated references immediately available. Shelley’s work ethic was also demonstrated in her desire to find the right answer – not the quick answer. As an instructor pilot, she developed and edited training curriculum. In this role, she worked tirelessly to ensure the “why” behind the “what” was clearly stated and properly-referenced. Shelley is also compassionate. She always managed to connect with students she was interviewing, training, or evaluating – managing to put them immediately at ease so they could perform their best in a stressful environment. Shelley’s demonstrated work ethic and compassion for Cobb’s students will ensure her success as a member of the Cobb County school board.

Alan Johnson

Delta Pilot and Instructor, Colonel, USAF, Retired

The Cobb County School system needs someone like Shelly O’Malley who has unquestionable discipline and direct experience to lead our parents, students and teachers into the next era of education. Shelly has strong values and knows how to collaborate to produce the best and most effective solutions. Shelly is a person of action. We can count on her to hold people accountable, problem solve and lead.

Andy Kirk

Lifeline Resident & Co-Campaign Chair, Cobb County

I absolutely endorse Shelly O'Malley for Cobb County School Board. I worked with Shelly for several years as a professional pilot instructor and curriculum developer. I found her to be a deep thinker who can look at a problem from many angles before coming up with solutions. She is extremely intelligent, thoughtful and compassionate. She is a tireless worker who puts students first. I have no doubt she will bring these same qualities to the school board. The Cobb County school system is fortunate to have people like Shelly willing to step up and lead. She will be a huge asset to the schools she represents.

Andy Livingston

Delta Pilot and Instructor

I have worked along side Shelley O’Malley in various volunteer positions through our children’s elementary school several years ago. Shelley’s dedicated investment to every child stood out in that environment. She understands the importance of community involvement and the investment into our students. Shelley has always been supportive and encouraging to the children and adults around her. She is an amazing individual that can adapt to a variety of scenarios with respect and professionalism. Shelley will be a valued addition to the Cobb County School board. We would be very fortunate to have Shelley as our representative.

Kim Mizell

Event Coordinator and Lassiter High School Parent

It is with the greatest enthusiasm that I wholeheartedly endorse Shelley O’Malley for Cobb County School Board Post 5. I have known Shelley for more than 15 years. Through this time I have been able to observe her substance and character. Without question, they have proved worthy. The School Board makes many decisions that affect our community: calendar, curriculum, policies, and procedures. All of these impact our families. They also administer a $1,000,000,000 budget. This responsibility requires someone trustworthy. Shelley is that person. Representing us on the School Board also requires a strong leader. As a naval aviator and Delta pilot, Shelley has had to put her leadership skills into play every day. We can count on her to bring years of experience with making sound judgments with her to the board. Even these traits would not be enough, though, if her heart were not in the right place. Shelley cates deeply about and is truly invested in our community. From her time as past PTA President to her current efforts helping the Lassiter food bank and Pope Foundation, she is committed to positive results for our families.

Leah Nedblake

Cobb County Parent

I am so fortunate to have known Shelley as both a colleague and friend for over 3 decades.  While we were assigned together in the same US Navy squadron, I witnessed first-hand Shelley’s superior professionalism and thoughtful, cool-headed approach to difficult situations both in and outside the cockpit.   I cannot imagine a more capable, dedicated and enthusiastic candidate for East Cobb School District than my friend and fellow Naval Aviator Shelley O’Malley.

Kathleen P. Owens

President, Beach Development Group

In August of 1986, I returned to my alma mater, the United States Naval Academy, to serve as a Leadership Instructor and Company Officer. One of my collateral duties while there was serving as the coach for our Women’s Club Tennis team. Shelley was known at the Naval Academy as a standout basketball player but was also an exceptional tennis player! Through the many hours of practice and competition, it was apparent she was also an exceptional person! Shelley combined all of the traits you would want as a future leader of our service. She competed at the highest levels while displaying the finest qualities of integrity and sportsmanship. Shelley was a true leader on a team comprised of the best leaders our country can produce. Her unequaled drive for excellence inspired her fellow teammates to achieve levels of performance they could never have imagined attaining without her example. I know she will bring this same level of drive, pursuit of excellence, and concern for those around her to her position on the school board. Shelley Laurilla O’Malley is the right person at the right time to help lead your school system to even greater successes! She has my heartiest endorsement for election to your School Board!

David A. Phillips

Retired Lieutenant Commander, US Navy

As a current commercial airline captain, an instructor pilot, and retired Air Force fighter pilot, I have been involved with curriculum development and teaching most of my life. The best leaders I had throughout my careers focused on empowering their staff and students. These leaders weren’t afraid to make decisions, giving credit to their people when things went right and accepting personal responsibility when things went wrong. I worked several years with Shelley as and instructor. She was the one I could go to and get the right answer. She was always a student favorite because of her preparedness, her knowledge level, and her unique ability to convey that wisdom. On the other hand, I have seen her make the tough calls necessary to keep our passengers and airline safe. Sometimes these decisions were not popular with a student because of career implications. However, Shelley never wavered and always made the correct call. I give my highest endorsement to Shelley. As a father of two, and a grandfather of three, Shelley is the exact type of person I want involved in their education. Please consider Shelley for the Cobb County School Board Post 5. You will not be disappointed.

Kelly Phillips

Pilot and Instructor, USAF, Retired

Shelley O'Malley is a positive, helpful and effective leader. She has led with inspiration and information with COVID19. She continues to demonstrate her commitment to the community and students with meal prep, packing and donations. She is a highly respectable lady with high values, morals, and leadership skills. She will be dependable, approachable and efficient in her duties. I know without a doubt that Shelley will work hard and put forth her best for the job at hand. I believe with my whole heart that Shelley is the person for the job. I am in full support of her. Please join me in voting for her as the Republican candidate for Cobb County School Board, District 5. You will be very pleased that you did!!

Rhonda Potts

Retired School System Nurse and Parapro, Cobb County

We are encouraging and supporting Mrs. Shelley O'Malley in her candidacy for the Cobb County School Board Post 5. Having known Shelley for over 25 years, we admire the energy and intelligence she brings to all of her endeavors including her dedication to voluntary projects at schools, church, neighborhood association and sports activities. Shelley would be a dedicated, articulate and untiring member and a real asset to the School Board. Vote for Shelley O'Malley!

Jane & Bud Shaw

Retired R.N. & residential home builder

I highly recommend Shelley O’Malley who is running for Cobb County Board of Education Post 5. Shelley O’Malley supports small businesses. I have known Shelley for 20 years. She is a Loyal Customer. Shelley and I are friends. We volunteered together at Rocky Mount, Lassiter High School, and Church. Shelley showed great leadership through her work ethic and integrity to complete the job. I know she would do a great job. Join me in supporting Shelley O’Malley tomorrow.

Mary Shields

Business Owner for 30 years

Shelley is a driven and dedicated person of high integrity. I trust that she will work diligently to ensure that the needs and best interests of the students in Cobb County are met just as she has throughout COVID-19. After working alongside Shelley in a volunteer capacity at Rocky Mount Elementary, I saw first hand how involved and passionate she is when it comes to the success of all students. Shelley is just what we need for Post 5 School Board.

Sandi Tompkins

Community Leader and Parent Volunteer, Cobb County

I was Shelley O'Malley's Varsity tennis coach for four years while she attended West Springfield HS in Fairfax County, Va. I can honestly say she is one of the finest student-athletes we had during my thirty years of teaching, counseling, and coaching. Shelley was inducted into the West Springfield Athletic Hall of Fame in 2017. Her many attributes and "gold medal" character make her an outstanding candidate for the Cobb County School Board. Shelley is conscientious, intelligent, fair-minded, prudent, and a role model. She has always demonstrated impeccable integrity. She has been an awesome teammate and has demonstrated leadership ability in all aspects of her personal and professional career. Shelley was elected captain of her high school tennis team for her junior and senior years. She was a multi-sport athlete at the US Naval Academy and elected captain of the women's varsity basketball team. Shelley O'Malley will make people better for just being around her. She is a determined individual who will truly make a difference!!

Ron Tugwell

Teacher, Counselor, Coach, West Springfield High School

Shelley O’Malley is a leader with the passion and commitment to ensure Cobb County schools remain on the leading edge of providing quality education for all students. I have known Shelley for 22 years; she consistently exemplifies honesty, integrity, and sincerity in every task she undertakes. When it comes to problem-solving, she is a master at data analysis, not just evaluating numbers, but integrating thoughts and concepts into actions. Shelley is willing to listen, learn, and most importantly work tirelessly to improve the community. Shelley approaches all tasks with the dedication and determination to achieve a successful outcome. Whether it is volunteering on the homeowner’s association, serving as PTA president, or safely piloting jets, no job is too big or too small for Shelley’s tireless work ethic. There is no better candidate to represent the students, teachers, administrators, and citizen stakeholders of Cobb County.

Kirstin Wilhelmsen

Project Manager, Mother of Lassiter High School Graduates

I have known Shelley for more than 35 years and I am continually impressed with her professionalism and dedication to duty. Shelley is the type of person you want on your team. She has a natural ability to bring people together and leads by example. As a seasoned Naval Aviator and commercial airline pilot, her profession requires a high degree of technical knowledge coupled with the ability to make sound decisions under stress. Shelley is a dedicated servant of the people. Not only has she served our country in the military, but she has served on the PTA and as a volunteer in numerous capacities in her children’s lives. Shelley is an outstanding athlete, and she has used the lessons she learned as an athlete to develop a sense of teamwork and excellence in all she does. She is adept at overcoming challenges in logistics and finance. She has an ability to quickly identify and find solutions for organizational inadequacies. She would be a great asset to the Cobb County School Board.

Sunita Williams

US Astronaut, Veteran of Two Space Missions, Captain, US Navy, Retired

Shelley O'Malley is truly blessed as a proven leader who inspires others to be better human beings. She has served our country as a military officer, continues to lead as a senior pilot for Delta, selflessly dedicates her time to her church and community, and best of all, is a loving wife and mother of three remarkable children. During the 35 years that I have known Shelley, I have seen her impeccable character on display numerous times - she absolutely embodies all that is good about America. Shelley is a critical thinking problem solver with a heart of gold who is uniquely qualified to deliver positive change to the Cobb County School Board.

Steve Wisotzki

US Navy Seal Retired